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10 Top Reasons To Buy From Victoria’s Bridal

1. Victoria’s Bridal offers only high-quality authentic designer goods made in European Union. We are a company registered in the EU.

2. Buying from Victoria’s Bridal you will get the best price ever! We operate directly with the manufacturers across Europe. Being an online shop we don’t need to overprice our goods to make the business model work. We believe that only customer satisfaction leads to business success.

3. All the goods we have in stock we ship immediately. It means that you will get your purchase in 3-5 days. Some orders we ship for free.

4. Our local customers we invite to the Victoria’s Bridal Showroom which is open Mon-Sun 9.00-20.00 in Mustamäe tee 5-702, 10616 Tallinn, Estonia. Please register in advance!

5. We guarantee free 14 days returns or exchange.

6. Most of the dresses could be sewed individually by the manufacturers. For more information please contact our customer care center.

7. We offer wide range of the wedding dress (EUR 34-50) and shoes (EUR 34-43) sizes.

8. We offer different options of delivery and payments. All of the options are safe and trustworthy.

9. You will be pleased with the solid packaging with the personal touch. Our packaging meets the highest standards and protects your purchase while shipping in the very best way.

10. We protect your personal data. We don’t sell your email addresses or use them in inappropriate way.